At Go Cupcake, we create each cupcake with care, freshly baking in our home kitchen from scratch with only the finest ingredients. Fresh eggs, creamy butter, pure white sugar and a few specialty “secret” ingredients are precisely combined to formulate the most perfect little cakes. Our cupcakes are then adorned with a variety of frostings that are surprisingly light and flavorful. Our story begins with the inspiration to create sweet homemade cupcakes, and combine these alluring products with a unique delivery method. So...

Go Cupcake presents Dayton’s first Cupcake Truck!
All the rage in cities across the USA, the trendy food truck

movement is reviving urban communities by building excitement in neighborhoods and fostering a sense of community as people come outside to see what cool delicacy is being offered. Go Cupcake offers a wide array of enticing cupcake indulgences for every palate. The atmosphere is fun and spontaneous, and you never know quite where the Cupcake Truck will show up on any given day. Unless, of course, you are the in-the-know person who uses social media to Follow the Cupcake Truck.

But curbside confections are only the beginning.
Go Cupcake also offers fun parties for cupcake lovers of all ages Go Party, a variety of fabulous cupcake gift ideas
Go Gifts, and catering for any occasion. Or go cupcake crazy, and Reserve the Cupcake Truck, and take pleasure in sponsoring an event where yummy cupcakes are given to all.